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How To Configure Nginx For SugarCRM 0

How To Configure Nginx for SugarCRM

1. Introduction For various needs you may need to use nginx as a component Web Server for the installation of SugarCRM as a replacement for Apache or IIS . SugarCRM not reported (see Supported SugarCRM Platform ) nginx as a component supported by your platform, this results in losing the...


Chrome Feature: Copy as cURL

cURL has been for many years my quick solution to various problems. Google Chrome (I think it was the first one) has just added a feature called Copy as cURL, this function returns something...

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How to Build a Java client for SugarCRM

Finalmente dopo qualche anno e grazie soprattutto alla disponibilità di Alessandro Cecconi, da questo momento è disponibile su SlideShare la versione tradotta in lingua inglese del documento How to Build a Java client for SugarCRM....