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Running Kettle Job by Java API 0

Running Kettle Job by Java API

I published the article “Running Job Kettle by API, in the blog section of Pentaho Data Integration. In this short article we’ll see how it is possible and easy to use API Pentaho Data...

Configure Kettle debug session (EN) 0

Configure Kettle debug session (EN)

While developing and testing a plugin for Spoon, which I remember being the area dedicated to the design of ETL processes, you may want to start debug sessions useful for the detection of errors...

Kettle Cookbook in Action 0

Kettle Cookbook in Action

Kettle Cookbook è uno strumento di auto-documentazione per Pentaho Data Integration – Kettle. Per una rapida introduzione a Kettle Cookbook consiglio di visitare il blog di Slawomir Chodnicki: http://type-exit.org/adventures-with-open-source-bi/2010/10/documentation-for-kettle-ETL/. Per un interessante resoconto più...