SugarCRM SAML Password Management Support

From version 6.1 of SugarCRM has been introduced support for SAML. Recently, with version 6.2 of SugarCRM, I had an urgent need to use SAML support, I discovered, however, that does not work properly, the documentation is also wrong. I opened a support ticket to SugarCRM, but response times were very long. I also opened a Bug. Given the response times I preferred to solve the problem alone.

I attach the notes (HOWTO SAML Password Management) I wrote to the SugarCRM Support, about the desired behavior on SAML, maybe could be useful to some of you. I think that SugarCRM is still far from being considered Enterprise.

HOW TO SAML Password Management (Note) [slideshare id=8360583&w=600&h=510&sc=no]

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