Liferay 7 CE: Database All In One Support

Liferay Portal Database All In One Support
Liferay Portal Database All In One Support

I have received numerous appreciations from the Liferay Community for implementing support for commercial databases on Liferay 7 Community Edition. All this made me very happy.

Initially I realized a project for each type of database:


Liferay 7 CE Database All-In-One Support 1.0.0 on Maven Central

Liferay 7 CE Database All-In-One Support 1.0.0 on Maven Central

A few weeks back I thought I would group all the drivers inside a single project that I called: Liferay 7 CE: Database All In One Support and published on my GitHub repository. This project add support to the Oracle, SQL Server and IBM DB2 database and works with the release GA1, GA2, GA3, GA4, GA5 and GA6 of the Liferay 7 CE.

Here’s a great news for you.You can download the binary jar (version 1.0.0) from Maven Central Repository liferay-portal-database-all-in-one-support, by doing so you can avoid doing the build.

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The installation procedure is practically the same as that of the individual drivers. In the following video (posted on my Antonio Musarra’s Blog YouTube Channel), I will guide you step-by-step instructions on how to add support for Oracle Database to Liferay 7 Community Edition in the bundled version of Wildfly.

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