Building a Client .NET for SugarCRM

I continue with the series of articles explaining how to build SOAP client for SugarCRM. I posted the tutorial on the construction of the client. NET C # for SugarCRM (both in Italian and English) on slideshare.

The entire project source code made in the article is available on GitHub repository at:

Enjoy reading and I look forward for your feedback.

Building a Client .NET for SugarCRM [slideshare id=10157848&w=477&h=510&sc=no]

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Costruire un client .NET per SugarCRM [slideshare id=10157773&w=477&h=510&sc=no]

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Antonio Musarra

I began my journey into the world of computing from an Olivetti M24 PC ( bought by my father for his work. Day after day, quickly taking control until … Now doing business consulting for projects in the enterprise application development using web-oriented technologies such as J2EE, Web Services, ESB, TIBCO, PHP.

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  • Pietro Marcelli

    Ottimo!!!!…..vado spesso su sito…..è la bibbia per gli sviluppatori sugar…..per noi è motivo di orgoglio avere un amico/collega che scrive articoli tecnici su sugar!!!

  • Grazie come sempre Pietro per l’apprezzamento mostrato. Fa sempre piacere sapere che il lavoro svolto può essere utile a qualcuno.


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  • Jeff F

    Thank you for the tutorial. This is exactly what I was looking for. Does this apply to Sugar Enterprise as well? I am wanting to do this for my company. I am fairly new to programming and really appreciate the tutorial and the help that it has given me.

    • Hi Jeff,
      the tutorial is also valid for the Enterprise version of SugarCRM.

      Bye and thx for your feedback,