Invitation to host WSF/PHP openSUSE Applicance at WSO2 Oxygentank

Il 17 ottobre scorso ho pubblicato sul blog l’articolo WSO2 WSF/PHP Linux Virtual Appliance che annunciava la disponibilità di una Virtual Appliance basata sulla distribuzione Linux openSUSE 11.1 e il framework WSO2 WSF/PHP 2.1.

Il 31 di ottobre sono stato invitato da Nandika Jayawardana a pubblicare la Virtual Appliance sul sito WSO2 Oxygentank. Da qualche settimana sulla pagina di download del framework WSO2 WSF/PHP è disponibile il link per la Virtual Appliance (WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP (WSO2 WSF/PHP) release 2.1.0 | WSO2 Oxygen Tank).

Hi Antonio,
I am Nandika Jayawardana product manager for WSO2 WSF/PHP. We are pleased to here that you have created a suse virtual applicance for WSO2 WSF/PHP. We would like to invite you to host it at WSO2 Oxygen tank ( web site with WSF/PHP. Please let me know if you are interested so that we give you commit rights.


Antonio Musarra

I began my journey into the world of computing from an Olivetti M24 PC ( bought by my father for his work. Day after day, quickly taking control until … Now doing business consulting for projects in the enterprise application development using web-oriented technologies such as J2EE, Web Services, ESB, TIBCO, PHP.

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